New Chair Designs


At Pinnacle we are always experimenting to bring our customers the very best of comfort in ergonomics. From new back and cushion styles to new detailing, we are always looking for different ways to “keep your players in the game longer!”


PIN Custom

A custom Pinnacle chair with large ergonomic back with “plus” sewn in stitching on the inside back. Has a 20″ wide seat, with new open tubular foot rest on the disc base. Disc base, foot rest, and back plate are powder coated.


custom back front smcustom back side SMcustom back back SM




New Slim Bench

A new slimmer bench, features a curved back and seat, double base, and single open tubular foot rest. Base is powder coated.


perpetual bench front SM perpetual bench side SM















PIN 7800 Contour with New Metal Exterior Pull Handle

Our new PIN 7800 is a compound curve back with a new exterior metal pull handle . This chair also features an ergo waterfall style seat, with round footring on its contour base. Contour base and pull handle are powder coated.


7800 cb custom hand pull front sm

7800 cb custom hand pull side SM7800 cb custom hand pull back sm





PIN 7220 Contour with  Plastic Seat Pan

Our new PIN 7220 style back features a plastic seat pan seat bottom, instead of the standard wood. This chair also features an ergo deep waterfall style seat, with square extended footring on its contour base.




7220 cb front sm

7220 cb side sm7220 cb back sm




PIN 2000 with Square Hole

A PIN 2000 with a little something different. This 18″ square back features a x stitch with a 5″ by 5″ square hole that goes completely through the chair. It has a  custom 20″ seat with golden bronze powder coated poker legs.

2000 Poker with Square Back Side sm2000 Poker with Square Back Back sm 2000 Poker with Square Back Front sm



PIN 2000

Introducing the an entirely new back design;  the PIN 2000. This 18″ square back features a x stitch and button detail on the inside back. It has a  custom 20″ seat, and a spoked disc base with copper vein powder coat.


2000 Spoked disk front corner  2000 spoked disk side2000 spoked disk back corner




New PIN 2050

Introducing the a smaller version of  the PIN 2000, the PIN 2050 This 16″ square back also features a x stitch and button detail on the inside back. This chair has an ergo deep replacement seat, and a 24″ contour base with a round foot ring.