“Seating Plan” article in Sept Issue of Casino Journal

Pinnacle Furnishings’ president John “Jack” Berggren speaks on our casino chairs in article “Seating Plan” in the September issue of Casino Journal. Excerpt can be found below; to read entire article on Casino Journal online, please click here.

Seating Plan by James Rutherford

Pinnacle has been busy exploring different comfort properties inherent in contoured woods. Owner and President Jack Berggren explained: “A chair used to have one curve, shoulder to shoulder. We’re working with the wood manufacturers to get the back of the neck to curve with the lower back and everywhere in between. We’re playing with curvatures in wood, compound curves, it’s a big part of what we do.”

A quarter-inch of foam is applied “just to cover [the wood],” he added. “The curves in the wood achieve the comfort. Very little foam but a very curvaceous piece of wood that really hugs your body.”

The company also is experimenting with distributing different densities and viscosities of foam to different pressure points, building thicker, softer cushioning where more of the chair is likely to meet the body, the area of the middle back, for example, and softer foam in the area of the kidneys.